hp hits the road

Take a look at two new iPhone apps that are putting HP's
Creative Studio not only on, but all over the map. With cool
customization features that allow users to create to their heart's
content, Creative Studio Mobile and Glam Shots are breaking
some new ground for HP.

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this is how
we do it

We won "Outstanding Website" for Subaru Outback Digital Brochure and Nissan LEAF Dynamic Brochure in the 2011 WebAward Competition.

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looking for a
match in chicago?

We just might be the one. If you've got a head full of ideas, a can-do spirit and an all-consuming passion for bratwurst, call us. (Ok, the bratwurst thing isn't a total dealbreaker...)

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it's an
audi thing

At designory, we feel that we can go beyond the collateral world. So much so, we even refreshed and revitalized the brand's U.S. lifestyle-and-autos owner magazine Audi Magazine alongside our other duties.

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welcome to

Most people would describe us as a global, full-service agency. We like to think of ourselves as marketers with great stories to tell. Combining breathtaking design, compelling narrative and cutting-edge technology, we use every tool in our arsenal to illuminate what makes our clients' products and services special.

Ashley Hudson

employee spotlight

ashley hudson | associate project manager
I have a fake tooth
and no it's not gold.
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“we are

Of course, we think everyone at Designory is a rock star. But as an agency, we're kind of a supergroup. Like Band-Aid. We've got a lot of talent, a little chutzpah and a passion for creativity that just won't quit.

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