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The Subaru Guided Tour


Fueling a full transformation.

Subaru is a leading automotive brand offering a line of vehicles that enable their customers’ lifestyle and interests.

CHALLENGE. Subaru consumers needed one place where they could satisfy their thirst for content—their “last stop” before visiting a Subaru dealership, whether they’re a potential buyer or a current owner. 

SOLVE. We knew that we had to give users the relevant content they were seeking while staying true to the Subaru brand identity. That’s when we conceived and created an entirely new, rich digital experience, the Subaru Guided Tour, which allows users to explore the exterior, interior and innovative inner workings of every Subaru model. The experience also includes ownership and shopping tools. The lifestyle images and videos we created for the program feature real enthusiasts—building off of the brand’s focus on authenticity and maintaining that unique, “niche” charm they are known for. 

RESULT. With this new program, we unleashed a robust experience for the brand’s consumers, transformed Subaru’s collateral, helped fuel the brand’s marketing-communication efforts and delivered a consumer engagement average of over 20 minutes per vehicle. 


Integrated Marketing, User Experience & Design, Content Marketing, Technology, Point of Purchase, Analytics & Insights

Helping transform the Subaru collateral experience from the website to print and social media.

On Just 1 Tank of Gas.

We were chosen to document Subaru’s participation in a 511-mile trip between Denver, CO and Jackson, WY. The journey took just one tank of gas and was a perfect opportunity to illustrate the efficiency story of the Subaru Crosstrek. Along the way, we captured images of the vehicle, the amazing sites and the vibrant personalities of Subaru enthusiasts. We then seamlessly integrated those assets into the Subaru Guided Tour and, as well as distributed them to all of Subaru's marketing partners.

Crosstrek Spotlight Video

As real as it gets.

By using authentic talent, like real outdoor enthusiasts, our spotlight videos capture the true, natural moments of owners and their Subarus.

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