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Noble Energy Code of Conduct


Standing out from everyone and everything else.

Noble Energy is an independent exploration and production company that energizes the world by safely and responsibly delivering oil and natural gas to the marketplace.

CHALLENGE. As an independent company in the energy industry, Noble Energy wanted to stand out with an interactive Code of Conduct that shared their values with employees around the world. 

SOLVE. Designory information architects worked closely with our creative and technical teams to infuse their current Code with more interactive elements. Our designs included an expandable and collapsible menu, animation treatments and other visual elements to help users navigate from page to page. We also developed quizzes and videos to enhance user engagement. We designed the Code for desktops, laptops and tablets, and also translated it into several languages including Spanish, French, Greek and Hebrew. 

RESULT. The highly interactive and immersive Code was a leap forward for Noble Energy. The company not only managed to boost employee engagement, but also positioned itself as a forward-thinking compliance leader in the independent energy space.


User Experience & Design, Technology

Compliance Innovator

The company not only saw a spike in engagement, but also positioned itself as a forward-thinking compliance leader.

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