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Freelance Digital Marketing Analyst


The ultimate purpose of this role is to help us better understand the needs, wants and expectations of our clients’ customers, and thus improve our marketing content, by measuring how the digital experiences we create reach, engage and convert customers. While the result of our work is to produce data-driven suggestions on how to develop alternative designs and copy to improve the overall user experience, there are many steps you’ll take to get to this point.

With each new project, you will begin by translating often general or unarticulated business objectives into measurable performance indicators. This may require you to create new ways to capture and organize metadata (categories and naming conventions, custom metrics and dimensions), then author requirements (for developers) to help us activate and test analytics tags, using tag management platforms.

Next, you will validate data accuracy, develop reports and dashboards, and respond to ad-hoc inquiries. Finally, you will detect trends, summarize and present findings, and articulate key insights to agency and client stakeholders. You may also identify, and prioritize, opportunities to optimize via A/B testing.

In short, you will explain, in simple terms, how traffic, engagement and conversion within (and beyond) Designory’s online marketing solutions help our clients achieve their brand and sales objectives.

Our digital analysts are also quick to spot opportunities to explain the benefits (and limits) of our “measure, hypothesize, test” decision-making approach to stakeholders who struggle for new ideas or, lacking a better option, defer to the “highest paid person’s opinion”, regardless of the outcome, leading to sub-optimal results.

You will often work closely with project management, account management, user experience and tech teams, plus with external partners. Specifically, you will:

  • Determine what user actions to measure and how. Then activate tags and configure analytics platforms to capture actionable data.
  • Develop reports and dashboards, analyze, summarize and hypothesize how to optimize performance.
  • Use segmentation tools to better understand, quantify and optimize customer behavior.
  • Develop and analyze micro-surveys to inform our strategy and UX teams and help guide development.


  • Must be authorized to work in the United States without visa sponsorship
  • Must live in the Greater Chicago Area
  • 3+ years using web analytics tools, developing tagging requirements, classifying and analyzing data, presenting findings.
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics and/or Adobe Analytics, including how to create, test and debug tags
  • Experience/knowledge in dashboard and visualization tools, such as Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, etc.
  • Success in conducting “forensic” analysis to identify and eliminate data-quality issues.
  • Proficiency in developing custom reports, advanced segments, configuring web analytics platforms, and providing interpretation and presentation of findings.
  • Aptitude for organizing, comparing, contrasting and questioning numerical data to develop a sufficient context to extract actionable insights.
  • Have an inquiring mind with a strong desire to leverage data to better understand customer behavior.
  • Be self-motivated, organized and able to meet deadlines, and work with other teams
  • Interest in planning and conducting A/B or multivariate tests.
  • Experience with social media measurement tools and SEO/SEM techniques a plus.
  • Stay current with issues and trends in online marketing, with an emphasis on measurement and testing.

Traits of a successful Digital Marketing Analyst:

  • Is keenly aware of the distinction between “thinking like a customer” (let’s help them) vs. “thinking like a company” (let’s tell them).
  • Embodies a collaborative spirit and ability to work with clients and other agencies.
  • Keeps the project goals top-of-mind to unveil what is important, not just what is quantifiable.
  • Actively works solve tough problems and fill knowledge gaps rather than passively deferring to others.
  • Passionately devoted to, and driven by, their work. Is curious, especially when “things don’t add up”.
  • Has a good sense when to draw a conclusion and when not to.
  • Love trying new things, but prefers a good outcome to a good theory.
  • Doesn’t assume, but verifies.




Designory is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. Designory does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, disability status, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.